Dice Tower Assembly Instructions

Dice Tower Assembly Instructions


General Instructions

While assembling the dice tower and tray you should use white wood or craft glue at each tab.

Step 1 - Tower

Take part 1 and insert part 11 into the top slot.

Step 2 - Tower

Insert part 12 into the middle slot of part 1.

Step 3 - Tower

Insert part 7 into the bottom slot of part 1. At this point, you can glue or two way tape to attach the felt on to each platform. Be careful not to cover the tabs.

Step 4 - Tower

Carefully connect part 2 to the three tabs.

Step 5 - Tower

Place part 4 on the front of the tower with the opening at the bottom so the dice will roll out.

Step 6 - Tower

Place part 3 on the back of the tower. The tower is now assembled.

Step 7 - Tray

Take part 5 and connect part 8 and 9 with the rounded ends at the same end.

Step 8 - Tray

Place part 10 at the rounded end of the tray, and part 6 at the other end. The tray is now assembled. Wait about an hour before using for the glue to dry.